The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man succeeds in re-creating an entire world with a full spectrum of human emotions in a small Missouri town . . . It is only such writing, based on a universality of emotions, that can transcend language and nation and be handed over to another generation. The Times Literary Supplement

The Genius of the Sea

Amos’s story, which eventually takes over the novel, is reminiscent of Isak Dinesen, cadenced and archetypal . . . a queer, mesmerizing hybrid of a book . . . the novel is a notable, highly original work. Publishers Weekly

The Boy

While reading The Boy, I intently turned the pages, carried along by Murr’s dark energy, his sharply intelligent prose, his genius for the unexpected, his keen sense of atmosphere.  And the novel’s harrowing conclusion more than demonstrates [Murr’s] stunning gifts. Margot Livesey, The New York Times Book Review