Manuscript Consultation

As well as publishing three novels, I’ve taught fiction writing at the graduate level for over twenty years, critiquing and advising on the stories, story collections, and novels of MFA students, many of whom have been published. I have also won a number of teaching awards, most recently the SPS Distinguished Teaching Award at Northwestern University. Over these decades I’ve developed an acute and comprehensive understanding of the issues writers need to address to elevate their manuscript to a publishable level.

There are many people who offer manuscript consultation for cheaper than I do, so you should shop around.

Novel Manuscript Consultation

This is for a writer with a complete draft of a novel.

Fee: $5,000 for a novel up to 80,000 words.

For anything over 80K, I charge 7 cents a word.

To find out my approach and what I offer for this, please click on the image.

Novel Manuscript Consultation

Short Story Consultation

This is recommended for people who want help developing a story they have drafted, or who want to take a good draft of a story to the next level.

My approach for critiquing an individual short story is similar to my approach for a novel, so click on the image above to read about this.

Fee: $200/hour. (A typical short story of 5000 words will end up being approximately $800.)

Short story Collection Consultation

These I critique story by story, with each story priced the same as an individual short story consultation.

Fee: $200/hour. (A typical short story of 5000 words will end up being approximately $800.)